Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) is a program for students in grades 7-12 who are capable of completing a college preparatory program but need additional support and assistance.

AVID will help students to:
    • Succeed in the most rigorous college preparatory curriculum
    • Better manage and organize their schoolwork
    • Acquire a variety of study skills
    • Enter mainstream activities of the school
    • Become educated and responsible participants, and leaders in our democratic society

The Worcester Public Schools is currently recruiting WSC alums to serve as AVID tutors. As an AVID tutor you will assist students by:
    • Leading collaborative study groups (tutorials) in the AVID classroom
    • Checking student notes and binders
    • Providing academic support
    • Acting as a role model
    • Providing encouragement, understanding and a personal connection to students
    • Facilitating access to rigorous curriculum

For more information on the AVID program, click here or contact Paula Harrity '01, Coordinator of Volunteer Services at: or (508) 799-3030.